LocknCharge Putnam 16 Charging Station MK1 EU/UK

LocknCharge Putnam 16 Charging Station MK1 EU/UK
Kategorier: Skafferi, Smaksättning
Brand: LocknCharge
19129 SEK
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Designed to charge, store and secure 16 iPad Devices. The Putnam Charging Station features color coded LED displays so you know when your devices are charged.

What’s in the box:

Putnam 16 Charging Station, pre-installed with short lightning cables (for iPad)
Wall brace bracket for stabilizing and securing unit to wall (Note: not wall mount kit)
Master override key and PIN reset tool
3m power cable
Quick start guide
1-16 shelf stickers
Key ring
Product registration tag

Optional accessories:

Putnam Pedestal - for stacking multiple charging stations on top of each other
17-32 perspex panel - used if customer is stacking 2 units together for number from 1-32
Wall mount kit
8-pack lighting cables
8-pack micro USB cables