Innolux Candeo Grey Wake Up Light

Innolux Candeo Grey Wake Up Light
Kategorier: Skafferi, Smaksättning
Brand: Innolux
3505 SEK
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Candeo (2013) Katriina Nuutinen conceived the idea behind Candeo for a Master of Art diploma project. Her goal was to design an aesthetic pendant bright light that would be suitable in many spaces, and which might easily be adjusted into mood lighting. With the toggle switch on top of the Innolux Candeo lamp, it is transformed from a bright light into a design lamp providing a warm light with atmosphere. At its full power Candeo is both a bright light device and an efficient general and reading light. A height adjustment on the black textile electric cord adds versatility to the Candeo lamps usage. The innovative Candeo is the first pendant bright light device on the market. The uniqueness of Candeo is emphasised by the fact that the colour temperature is easy to change from warm white to pure white.