AKRacing PRO Black

AKRacing PRO Black
Kategorier: Skafferi, Smaksättning
Brand: AKRacing
5739 SEK
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Are you ready for the ultimate? The Pro gaming chair is the top of the line for AKRacing gaming chairs. It is upholstered with breathable perforated PU leather, features a wider frame and a deeper seat for relaxed seating and additional leg support, as well as 70% more cold cured foam than the EX chair. A true premium chair with cutting-edge ergonomics and a full spectrum of high-end features dedicated to your well-being. Don’t settle for less, the AKRacing Pro delivers what others merely promise.

-Perforated pleather upholstery on front and back.
-Metal frame with 70% more cold-cured foam for maximum comfort and durability.
-Advanced mechanism with lockable tilt positions.
-Pillow set included.
-4D adjustable armrests.
-3 inch casters.
-Class 4 gaslift.