Airthings Corentium Home

Airthings Corentium Home
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Brand: Airthings
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Corentium Home

The top rated and best selling digital radon detector on the market. Easily monitor radon levels in your home with this compact yet powerful radon gas detector.

Best-selling digital radon detector
The first of its kind and best-selling digital radon detector.

On-screen results
On-screen results show both long and short-term readings for a quick overview of your radon levels.

Battery operated
Battery operated and portable so you can take multiple measurements.

Continuous monitoring
Protect your family from the second leading cause of lung cancer with continuous monitoring.

Results in 24 hours
Unlike traditional radon gas test kits, receive your first indication in 24 hours and no lab fees.

Easy reporting
Easily generate a radon self-inspection report to record your measurements.

Long-term average
Understand trends, see radon fluctuations and your overall exposure.

Short-term average
Observe your daily radon fluctuations and take action when necessary.

What is Radon?
Radon is an invisible gas formed in the Earth’s crust. It surrounds every one of us as part of the air we breathe. The number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, radon is an odorless gas found in all buildings and homes.

Tech Specs

Product features

Power supply:
3 x AAA alkaline batteries (LR03)
2 years battery life

4.7 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches / 120mm × 69mm × 25.5mm

5.2 ounces / 130g (with batteries)

Operation environment:
Temperature: 39°F to 104°F / 4°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: < 85%

Radon specifications

Radon sampling: Passive diffusion chamber

Detection method: Alpha spectrometry

Measurement range:
0 - 500 pCi/L
0 - 9999 Bq/m³

Accuracy/precision at 5.4 pCi/L / 200 Bq/m3:
After 7 days ~ 10 %
After 2 months ~ 5%

EUR Model 244

Package content:
Radon detector
3 x AAA alkaline batteries (LR03)
User manual