Activity Drum - New 2022

Activity Drum - New 2022
Kategorier: Skafferi, Smaksättning
Brand: Clementoni
239 SEK
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A drum packed with activities and fun melodies for discovering music and the sense of rhythm! By pressing the button on the drum’s frame, the child can listen to lots of amusing sounds and tunes. The speed of the music changes on the basis of the drum’s rotation, creating light and sound effects. By beating the top of the drum the child can listen to many different types of percussions and amusing sounds. Thanks to the LED lights under the top, the resulting light effects will attract the child’s attention and arouse his curiosity when he plays with the drum. The practical handles are made of plastic and have relief details for stimulating tactile exploration. The suction cup under the base of the drum will keep the toy stable even while it rotates.